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9th & 10th Sept,2017

Our Vision

This 4th edition of the IoT Makeathon organized by the IoT working group, School of Electronics(SENSE), VIT University ,Chennai, follows the successful 3rd edition held in April 2017. This edition of makeathon is organized in association with Tata Communication and Connectivitee. Competing student makers won prizes worth 1 lakh, and industrial opportunities. Through this 24-hour non-stop maker event, students of leading schools, colleges, and universities in India will be gathering at the VIT Chennai campus to design and implement end- to-end IoT solutions catering to the needs of the industry and society. Students will be evaluated by an expert panel of leading technocrats from the industry, and the winners will walk away with a grand prize. We are making this edition bigger than the trailblazing efforts of the previous makeathon.from colleges in and around the city will be taking part in the fest and experience the dizzying array of technical extravaganza.

Important Guidelines


  • Registration and selection of problem statement

  • Inauguration

  • Makeathon begins

  • Refreshments

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • First round Evaluation

  • Dinner

  • Second round Evaluation

  • Breakfast

  • Final Evaluation

  • Declaration of results

  • Valedictory


  1. What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Data acquired from the sensors will typically be stored on a cloud, where data analytics will yield certain decisions to be passed on to the actuators.

  2. What is a Makeathon?

    Our Makeathon, similar to a hackathon, is an event where participants build awesome projects from scratch, in 24 hours. The difference between a MAKEathon and a HACKathon is that we are encouraging projects to be Hardware oriented, and therefore physically doing things!.

  3. Is it a hardware maker event?

    All projects must have an embedded hardware platform connecting directly or indirectly to the internet to store and analyze data and receive decisions. A smartphone app does not count, but a smartphone app that tells a Raspberry Pi or LaunchPad to actuate a servo is acceptable. Embedded software for Arduinos or other microcontrollers are also acceptable.

  4. Am I eligible to participate?

    As long as you are a student registered to an institution (school or college), you are allowed to participate.

  5. Is there a registration fee?

    Yes. We have set the registration fee per team (max. of 3 members) to be Rs. 500/-. Registration is limited, so hurry!!!

  6. How does the evaluation happen?

    Experts from various backgrounds will be evaluating projects based a rubric that includes creativity, technical difficulty, presentation and most importantly the completeness of the end-to-end IoT connectivity. In addition to overall winners, runners-up and 2nd runners-up, we will have honorable mentions in several categories including "Most Innovative project" etc.

  7. How many people can be on a team?

    Teams may consist of up to 3 persons, including yourself. We prefer that you freeze your teams at the time of registration. Please contact the organizers for any further clarifications..

  8. Can I leave the makeathon venue for a break?

    We will have a limited area in which participants can move about. Resting rooms will be provided for participants if necessary.

  9. What should I bring?

    Please bring your laptops as we will not provide any computing facility. Any hardware that is to be brought will be intimated to the participants before the competition. Please mention your hardware expertise in the registration form.

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Faculty Co-ordinators

  • Dr. Vydeki D
    • vydeki.d@vit.ac.in

  • Dr. Suganthi K
    • suganthi.k@vit.ac.in

Student Co-ordinators

  • Dhruv Toshniwal
    • 9789938788
  • Hardik Bansal
    • 9790724360
  • Abhilash Pani
    • 9790723462
  • Atharwa Deshpande
    • 9790717406