School of Advanced Sciences

Breaking the roadblock, clearing the conundrum here is for the very first time V-Splash- a diverse and unique combination of science & maths, psychology, languages, sociology and humanities divisions from the school of Advanced sciences of VIT for taking part in conducting the international knowledge carnival, TechnoVIT-2017.
The faculties and the young students of this magnificent V-SPLASH have come up with innovative ways of imparting knowledge in areas of technical and social relevance as well as give an opportunity to have fun infusing it with enriching experience.
Informal events such as a minute to win it, mad-ads, recyclemania, Sudoku, high school challenge will surely tickle the brains and will make you think even harder.
Workshops on topics such as detection of Adulteration in food products, Research methodology and SPSS, Effects of media on children’s behaviour and interactive sessions with transgender community is sure to change one’s perception towards reality.
The words rightly read! Invading the established general of the fest, V-Splash sends an open invitation to the thousands of techno-head scattered across the country to lead their steps to the ultimate showdown featuring anything and everything one could imagine. The effect of you being a part of this greatness could be incalculably diffusive. Don't be the one to forego this chance to enter the room of manoeuvre.


  • Media Effects on Children's Social & Moral Development
    Aug 30th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  250 Dr V. Vijayalakshmi
  • Workshop on Identification of Adulterants in Food
    Sept 9th, 2017 Vitians  200   Non-Vitians  200 Dr Rajendra Kumar
  • Workshop on Youtube Google Forums and Flubaroo
    Sept 9th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  250 Dr S. Patchai Nayagi
  • One day Workshop on Research Methodology and SPSS
    Sept 11th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  250 Dr V. Vijayalakshmi
  • Workshop on Self Awareness and Psychological Testing
    Sept 15th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  250 Dr Maya Rathnasabapathy
  • Interaction with Transgender Community
    Sept 5th,2017
    Dr Vijayalakshmi V.

  • Hackathon on Corporate Soft Skills and Life Skills
    Sept 14th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  250 Dr V. Vijayalakshmi


V-Splash Team

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Dr Gopinath M

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Dr Revathi G K

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Pallavit Bisht

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Harsh Singh